SCCM 2012 R2 PowerShell module Import\Export Collections

A PowerShell module is build for export and importing SCCM collections. Default SCCM PowerShell cmdlts can export and import collections but this will be mof files. This PowerShell module can export all collections and maintaining the folder structure.

The module will import and export:

  • Collection Name
  • Limiting Collection
  • Refresh Type
  • Refresh Schedule
  • Query Membership Rule
  • Include Collection Rule
  • Exclude Collection Rule
  • Collection Folder



  • SCCM 2012 R2
  • PowerShell module ConfigurationManager should be loaded
  • PS Drive should be set to a SCCM Site Server

Manage Windows Azure with Mac OS/X

In my job I like to work with Microsoft products. But my laptop is a MacBook pro. Seeing the world more often using the cloud using a Macbook in a Windows work environment is no problem. Even Microsoft is more often support Mac OS\X. For testing\debugging and playing I use my own Azure Cloud environment. Microsoft has released a CLI for managing you own Azure Cloud.

To install Azure CLI you first have to install node and npm:
Start a terminal console and run the following commands:

echo 'export PATH=$HOME/local/bin:$PATH' >> ~/.bashrc
. ~/.bashrc
mkdir ~/local
mkdir ~/node-latest-install
cd ~/node-latest-install
curl | tar xz --strip-components=1
./configure --prefix=~/local
make install 
curl | sh

Install the Azure SDK Tools

git clone
cd ./azure-sdk-tools-xplat
npm install
npm install -g azure-cli
azure --completion >> ~/

Download your account information and import it.

azure account download
azure account import [file]

As it is a testing environment the most used commands for me are:

azure vm shutdown [name]
azure vm start [name]

Below a list of all commands are listed:

azure account affinity-group create [name]
azure account affinity-group show [name]
azure account affinity-group delete [name]
azure account storage list
azure account storage create [name]
azure account storage update [name]
azure account storage delete [name]
azure account storage keys list [name]
azure account storage keys renew [name]
azure storage container list -a -k
azure storage container show -a -k [container]
azure storage container create -a -k [container]
azure storage container delete -a -k [container]
azure storage container set -a -k -p [container]
azure site list
azure site create [site]
azure site show [site]
azure site browse [site]
azure site delete [site]
azure site stop [site]
azure site start [site]
azure site restart [site]
azure site deploymentscript
azure site config list [site]
azure site config add [keyvaluepair] [site]
azure site config clear [key] [site]
azure site config get [key] [site]
azure site log tail [options] [name]
azure site scale mode [name] [mode]
azure site scale instances [name] [instances] [size]
azure vm list
azure vm location list
azure vm create [name] [image] [username] [password] [location]
azure vm create-from [name] [rolefile]
azure vm export [name] [file]
azure vm show [name]
azure vm shutdown [name]
azure vm start [name]
azure vm restart [name]
azure vm delete [name]
azure vm image list
azure vm image show [image]
azure vm image create [name] [path]
azure vm image delete [name]
azure vm disk list
azure vm disk show [name]
azure vm disk create [name] [path]
azure vm disk attach [vm-name] [image]
azure vm disk detach [vm-name] [image]
azure mobile list
azure mobile create [servicename] [sqlAdminUsername] [sqlAdminPassword]
azure mobile show [servicename]
azure mobile delete [servicename]
azure mobile scale show [servicename]
azure mobile scale change [options] [servicename]
azure mobile log [servicename]
azure mobile config list [servicename]
azure mobile config set [servicename] [key] [value]
azure mobile config get [servicename] [key]
azure mobile table list [servicename]
azure mobile table create [servicename] [tablename]
azure mobile table show [servicename] [tablename]
azure mobile table update [options] [servicename] [tablename]
azure mobile table delete [servicename] [tablename]
azure mobile script list
azure mobile script download [servicename] [scriptname]
azure mobile script upload [servicename] [scriptname]
azure mobile script delete [servicename] [scriptname]
azure mobile data read [servicename] [tablename] [query]
azure mobile data truncate [servicename] [tablename]
azure mobile job list [servicename]
azure mobile job create [servicename] [jobname]
azure mobile job update [servicename] [jobname]
azure mobile job delete [servicename] [jobname]
azure mobile api list [servicename]
azure mobile api create [servicename] [apiname]
azure mobile api update [servicename] [apiname]
azure mobile api delete [servicename] [apiname]
azure sb namespace list
azure sb namespace create [namespace] [region]
azure sb namespace show [name]
azure sb namespace check [name]
azure sb namespace delete [name]
azure sb namespace location list
azure sql server show [serverName]
azure sql server list
azure sql server create [administratorLogin] [administratorPassword] [location]
azure sql server delete [serverName]
azure sql firewallrule create [serverName] [ruleName] [startIPAddress] [endIPAddress]
azure sql firewallrule show [serverName] [rulename]
azure sql firewallrule list [serverName]
azure sql firewall delete [serverName] [ruleName]
azure sql db create [serverName] [databaseName] [administratorLogin] [administratorPassword] [options]
azure sql db list [serverName] [administratorLogin] [administratorPassword]
azure sql db show [serverName] [databaseName] [administratorLogin] [administratorPassword]
azure sql db delete [serverName] [databaseName] [administratorPassword]

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