Synology DSM 4.2 Beta: Python error

All my previous posts where about SCCM or PowerShell and where work related. This will be my first post about something I didn’t do for work. I currently own a Synology Diskstation 412+ as a NAS but it is much more. But lets start with the problem I recently encounterd.

Monday a new Beta version was release by Synology. This release 4.2 had some interesting new functions. Like two-for authentication, PXE-support and a DNS Server. The problem for me is that I can’t wait to install new software so I did installed it immediatly. What I didn’t know is that all application that depends on Python should be update before you update the diskstation, but I didn’t. The reason is that the Python package from SynoCommunity doesn’t have a status of running because it already worked when you installed it. But when you update a package that has dependencies, as of DSM 4.2, it want that the dependicies where in the status of started. Because that is not the case you get the error that python is not running.  Untill now I couldn’t get these package started. But with Google I found a solution to this.

First download the Confige File Editor application from the following site Then install this on you Synology and start the application. In the application select from the drop down box the “config file editor” and add the following line to it: /var/packages/python/scripts/start-stop-status,python

Config File Editor for DSMSave the file and restart the application. Now select the Python file. Now for the line followin Status { replace exit 1 into exit 0. And you should see a result similair to this:Python Config File


Save the file and now you can update the applications and continue to enjoy DSM 4.2

10 thoughts on “Synology DSM 4.2 Beta: Python error”

  1. Rob, thanks you for your workaround, however upon trying to open the file “pytho” it appears that it’s empty, so nothing can be modified. Any idea on how this may be resolved?

    I have installed Syno’s Python package, it’s said to be running, as well as the Python utils.

    1. If both Python packages are running you should be able to update the packages. Otherwise you can use telnet or SSH to locate the file.

  2. Beste Rob

    Even in het nederlands want mijn engels is niet al te best
    maar misschien kan je mij helpen bij het volgende, als ik config file editor opstart krijg ik een een pagina te zijn met de volgende tekst

    de pagine die u zoek kan niet weergegeven worden,

    1. Hoi Andre,

      Het is lastig om zo aan te geven wat er fout is gegaan. Welke type diskstation heb je en kan je ook nergens een config file selecteren ?

      1. Ik heb de ds 212+

        Als ik config editor opstart krijg ik dus een leeg scherm te zien met de tekst, de pagine die u zoek kan niet weergegeven worden.
        Dus ik dacht misschien moet er nog iets aan staan op de server.

        1. Config file editor zou standaard moeten werken zonder nog iets aan te moeten zetten. Het enige wat je nog kan doen is het bestand bewerken via ssh of telnet maar dat is wat lastiger.

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