System Center 2012 Configuration Manager SDK

Two months ago Microsoft released the System Center 2012 suite. And now they have released the SDK for Configuration Manager (). It’s a different approach then the consumer products, where Microsoft showed a nice presentation about the features of Windows 8 for developers.

Another miss about the SDK is the lack of PowerShell information. I prefer PowerShell above vbscript or application written in C# of VB. And Microsoft is putting PowerShell modules in all products except SCCM 2012 :-(. If everything is alright it will be availble in SP1 but I don’t have a lot information about it.

For a customer we have planned, designed, installed and configured a SCCM 2012 environment. I created powershell scripts to prepare a server and install SCCM. Configuring had to be done manually because otherwise it took far to long and there aren’t simple powershell commands to configure it. It the next blog posting I will give some more information about automatic installation of SCCM 2012.

It was also the start for me to create my own powershell script for SCCM 2012. At you can find a great powershell script for SCCM 2007. And a lot of the functions are reusable for the one that aren’t and for new functions in SCCM 2012 I created a new script. This can be found here (SCCM2012-Commands).

It isn’t finished nor is it easy to use for people with no Powershell knowledge. I will post some examples in a next post. Until then if you have question please comment this post with your question.

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  1. Hey,

    the SCCM2012-Commands were exactly what I searched for!!

    I’m trying to create a PS-Module mostly similar to yours, but I cannot handle the an function to create a new application. Could you discribe how you create your xml file?

    I read your first post “Creating an SCCM 2012 Application with PowerShell” and it was very helpfull. Some things I don’t understand at the first script are:
    – What is the value $Application ?
    – What is the value $APP ?

    Really interesting and helpfull for my Script was this post:
    Perhaps it helps you, too.


    1. Hi,
      Thank you for your comment and link. Sorry for the late reply but was in london for the olympics ;-).

      First the explaination on how to create the xml file. First of all you need to add the assembly Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.ApplicationManagement.dll. This assembly contains multiple SCCM objects. After adding the assembly you can create an Application Object in PowerShell ().

      [powershell]$newApplication = New-Object Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.ApplicationManagement.Application($newApplicationID)[/powershell]

      Now you need to fill this object with the data as you can see in my post. If you have a complete object all you need to do is to deserialize it. This will convert the object into an xml file

      [powershell]$newApplicationXML = [Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.ApplicationManagement.Serialization.SccmSerializer]::SerializeToSTring($newApplication,$true)

      And this XML file you can use to import the application

      About your question of $application and $app. The script is in use at a customer of my. I removed some of the corporate data so therefore there can be some mistakes. $APP en $Applicition is just a simple object containing information about the app that needs to be created. You can change this the way you like.

      For example
      $newDisplayInfo.Title = $Application.DisplayName
      can also be
      $newDisplayInfo.Title = “Microsoft Office 2010 SP1 English”


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